Raising Funds for Renewable Energy projects.

Consulting capabilities in the energy and utility industry were recently added through alliances with East Coast entities seeking to provide funding for wind, hydro, and bio-fuels (bio-diesel, ethanol, waste to energy) projects, entities that have in-depth knowledge, the capability to develop fully vertically integrated turn key projects, and access to principal capital sources for a variety of 8 to 10 figure financial transactions, including due diligence support for financial investors. They bring capital resources from the global arena through private investors, principal capital, institutional private equity and merchant banking. Between them and others, there is access, for qualified projects, to affiliate partners and leading strategic investors, and to institutional and private sources of capital and expertise. In addition to business in the Unted States, business has also been conducted in such cities as London, Berlin, Vienna, Milan, Munich, Rome, and Hong Kong, as well as in Japan, China, India, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian nations, as they provide global and domestic economic research and global investment strategy and due diligence for financial investors. Their experience spans renewables, emerging energy technologies and risk management, providing customers with deal flow and capital, as well as provision of asset management. Their current multi-million dollar projects in wind, biodiesel, natural gas and the funding of trading based opportunities, including oversight of multi-MW and multi-million projects, with others in negotiation, including those brought by Jessen Enterprises.